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PUC Bugs


If you'd like to post a bug, please add it to the end of this page. To do so, edit this page, and log in using the Wiki password.


Wiki Password: barfisgross


Old bugs are listed here: http://pageupdatechecker.mozdev.org/bugs.html


If you have a comment about PUC or would like to see new features, please put it in the Feadback page.


When posting a bug, copy the formatting from previous bugs.


Session Saver and PUC on startup


Posted by: Sebastion

Posted date: 11/7/05


Problem: It seems that the extension dont fully work together with the session saver extension if websites are checked on start. Then it results in blank tabs where the sites have to be in which are before I closed Firefox.. Maybe it would help to check the sites a half minute after firefox is fully loaded.


Status: Unresolved.


"Show me what changed"


Posted by: Carl Nygaard

Posted date: 12/23/05


Problem: Even after a lot of tweaking, I still do not like the quality of the "show me what changed" feature for regular web pages. The difference program was found at http://ejohn.org/blog/javascript-diff-algorithm-2/ but it just doesn't work as well as I would like it to. If anyone else would like to try to improve this feature, please do so.


Status: Mostly Inactive.


Notify Dialog Box problem


Posted by: Carl Nygaard

Posted date: 1/2/06


Problem: The scrollbars on the notify dialog box's browser display are not always present. This seems to happen when loading PUC in Firefox 1.0.*, then opening it in 1.5. It might happen in other cases.


Status: Resolved, I think.


Problem removing filter value


Posted by: Trav

Posted date: 1/4/06


Problem: While attempting to edit one of the filters (and not knowing what I was doing) I ended up first not being able to remove a value I added, then having more than I wanted get removed. I am using PUC 0.3 on Firefox 1.5


To Reproduce: Open the Page Update Checker Options

Click on development tab and select a filter (I did Filter 0.3)

Click "Edit Default Properties"

Select "Filter Definitions"

Click the "Add" button on the lower right side - under Values section.

Type something into the box and add it

Select what you just added

Press "Remove" - nothing happens, and you can't seem to remove the item.

Press "Add" Again, and type something in

Select the first item you added, and click "Remove"

Both the item selected, and the item at the bottom of the list (The second one added) are removed all at once.


Status: Unresolved




Popups are happening more than the designated time frame (instead of 24 hours as set, more like random popups). The other bugs are there are no changes showing (dates on blogs aren't even changing - esp when the last post is 2005 and we're in 2006). Changes need to be highlighted or something. Sometimes, the popups keep happening like Spam, spewing out windows nonstop! The launches for show changes are still buggy, too, not always working, and sometimes hanging the window.


Status: Unresolved


Session Saver and PUC on startup


Posted by: Danny Kohn

Posted date: 3/24/06


Problem: When a page is not connectable (server down) PUC keeps on retrying forever, beeping every few seconds. It's not even possible to disable the page checker for that page without restarting Firefox. It still keeps on nagging that the page has been changed but the only thing that has happened is that it can not connect to the server. None of the options for watching retries or down servers are set. Also, the CPU usages is going up to 100 % in these cases.


Status: Unresolved.


Installation as a global extension


Posted by: Thierry Thomas

Posted date: 4/28/06


Problem: PUC does not run when installed as a global extension, it is unactive.


Status: Unresolved.


Old page opened using status bar icon popup menu


Posted by: Kings

Posted date: 5/24/06


Problem: PUC status bar popup menu - "Open page..." command open a previous monitored URL instead of the correct monitored URL


Status: Unresolved.


Wrong Regexp for HTML Comments


Posted by: TS

Posted date: 6/23/06


Problem: When using the built-in Filter 0.3 checker not all HTML comments are recognized because of a faulty Regexp (<!--(.n)*?-->).

Better use something like this: <!--(.|n|rn)*-->


Status: Unresolved.


Feature: Reload page after recognizing a change


Posted by: TS

Posted date: 6/23/06


Problem: If a tab exists for the page being monitored, it would be nice to have an option that automatically reloads the page in that tab when recognizing a change.


Status: Unresolved.


Crash when opening page of one of many status icons


Posted by: TS

Posted date: 6/23/06


Problem: Having multiple monitoring results on startup of Firefox, multiple icons are displayed in the status bar. When I then open the page in a new window, Firefox crashes.


Status: Unresolved.


Incompatible with Firefox 2.x


Posted by: Moe

Posted date: 01/23/07


Problem: This extension is incompatible with Firefox 2.x.


Status: Unresolved.


Checker not working


Posted By: Allen

Posted Date: 02/26/07

PUC does not detect changed pages. When I look at the error console, I see this:


Error: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIStringBundle.GetStringFromName]" nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: XStringBundle :: getString :: line 17" data: no]

Source File: XStringBundle

Line: 17

Update: It turns out this extension is not compatible with Plain Text to Link. When I disable it that, PUC extension works. I don't know whose fault it is.


Status: Unresolved


Checker not working


Posted by: M)

Posted date: 01/10/08


I've been using the 'phrase checker' on the same wikipedia page for several months now. It has been working but sometime since the beginning of December, it has stopped working. http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ did appear on November 30th, so maybe that broke it.

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